Vyren Crowrath

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Vyren Crowrath is the fursona of Katie Luna. Katie Luna is relatively new to drawing furry art, considering she only started drawing them in August of 2005.

Vyren Crowrath is a fox with pink fur, light blue markings and dark blue hair. She was originally created when Katie Luna joined Furcadia. Though only a roleplaying character at first, she soon developed into a fursona, holding many characteristics that her creator has.

Her fur turns white from winter to spring and is pink from summer to fall. Her personality is similarly complex, making her a bit unpredictable to people who don't know her well. She is featured in many of Katie Luna's art pieces, along with her mate, a green cougar named Miguel Mendoza.

Katie Luna also has a number of other characters such as Amara Necrocaden (a dark grey fox) and Sage Rae (a white shapeshifting cat).

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