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Hi there, Heuvadoches, and welcome to WikiFur! Let me know if you need any help filling out the article about yourself. :-) --GreenReaper(talk) 21:02, 11 September 2006 (UTC)

Thank you for helping on my page. I was wondering how to reference myself in an objective sense on here similar to what a wikipedia article would be. Should I insert some character history as contained in my original website? Wasn't sure about how to go through with it.

Heuvadoches 00:46 22 October 2006

Sorry, I managed to miss your talk page comment. You're welcome for the help. Thank you for adding information in the first place! You certainly could include some character history, although if it's already in your website, it might be best to just include a summary in the Wikifur article, with a link. -- Sine 18:19, 26 October 2006 (UTC)