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Hi - I'm GreenReaper! You may remember me from such places as the Creatures Wiki, and Wikipedia.

I am the founder and custodian of WikiFur, so if you have any problems or questions, let me know!

Please understand that this site, like Wikipedia, runs by the consensus of its users, so sometimes it is necessary for me to ask them what they think before acting. I am not a GodKing, nor a Benevolent Dictator. I do try to lead, though - if only because someone has to take the flack! *grins*

I've identified as furry (originally scaly) since I was 17 or so - perhaps earlier - but I'm still relatively new to the community side of the furry fandom (although I've learnt a lot since I started here!). As a result, I can often avoid taking a position over contentious historical topics, as I don't know enough about it to join in! This works out quite nicely, as (in my view) the best way to make a good page is to let people argue about it until they figure out a version of the article that is equally distasteful, and I have more important things to be doing than argue. ;-)

I am a strong believer in the view that the furry fandom has a Manifest Destiny. I think that working together we can build the fandom into something that is truly great; a friendly, welcoming community of creative fans that stretches from sea to shining sea, and beyond. I believe that WikiFur is a step towards that goal, and I thank those of you who have decided to join us.

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To-do list

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Favourite quotes

  • Every click you take, every stub you make, every link you break, every change you make, I'll be watching you...
  • There is great strength in numbers, but there is great power in one, for the strength of the will of one may gather numbers to it. There is strength not only in knowing the self, but knowing how to bring it forth in others.

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