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Goldfur jumping

Chakat Goldfur is perhaps the best known chakat of all, created by Bernard Doove.


Goldfur, a cougar-patterned chakat with long blond hair, was born 26 September 2300 to Chakats Longstripe and Desertsand. Shi had a happy normal childhood and, after graduating, shi joined the Star Corps (the non-military arm of the Star Services). Shi is a highly-skilled electronics technician, and currently serves as lead technician on exploration starships.

Goldfur, as many chakats, has multiple mates. With Lupu, shi has had two children, Greypaw (deceased) and Stonefur; with Garrek, shi has had/will have four children, Eudora Whitepaw and Tailstalker so far, with Aura and Sandstorm destined to be born later; and with Malena, shi has had Blaze, with Firestripe and Shani to come, and finally late in life, Forestwalker will give hir Joysong. Shi has been both mother and father.

One of hir notable traits is how shi has gone from optimistic to suspicious, due firstly to the kidnapping and threat to hir daughter Eudora, and then the murder of hir daughter Greypaw in a racial riot.


Chakat Goldfur appears in the Forest Tales series, which has been published in Fur Plus, and in a stand-alone book, Transformations. Shi also appears in the comic 4 Footed Furries and the webcomic Apollo 9.

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