Apollo 9

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Apollo 9
Author(s) Longtail
Update schedule Weekly
Launch date November 16, 2003
End Date Dead, last updated 11/2008
Genre Science fiction, humor
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Apollo 9 is a furry sci-fi webcomic written and drawn by Laura "Longtail" Blacksin.


It chronicles the adventures of a NASA crew in the future, led by captain Peter James MacLupus (referred to as P.J.). The comic generally updates weekly and also has a forum (with a lively community) and fanart section. However, it has not updated since 2008. No explanation


  • Captain P.J. MacLupus- The wolf captain of the Apollo 9. A parody of Captain Kirk from Star Trek, P.J. is a legend in his own mind. He tries to be a suave and sophisticated ladies man, but often with comical results.
  • Montgomery Updike - Gerbil First Officer. His character is a nod to Rob Schneider's character in the 1996 movie Down Periscope. His personality makes him the target of many a practical joke amongst the crew. He is the unwilling target of Roz's affections.
  • Chakat Syzygy - Chakat second officer and psychiatrist. Syzygy is a representation of the author in the comic. Due to a volatile temper, hir bedside manner is severely lacking.
  • Chakat Sunstreak - Chakat ship's doctor. Sunstreak's character is a tribute to the colorist of the same name. Sunstreak is a top of the line doctor, but shi has one fatal flaw: Shi's deathly afraid of blood. Shi is lifemated to Chakat Syzygy, the ship's psychiatrist.
  • Cirini Stanson - Wolftaur navigator. Cirini is often portrayed as a bit of an absent-minded navigator, getting the ship and crew often into the middle of hairy situations. She also has a crush on the captain.
  • Zooey Perkins - Fruitbat engineer. Zooey is eccentric and offbeat and fond of collecting rubber ducks. There is a running joke that no one, not even the crew or even the author herself, are sure whether Zooey is male or female, a nod to the SNL character Pat.
  • Roz Bradley - Hamster Director of Civilian Surveys. Rox's character resembles Kathy Bates' characters in appearance and attitude. She leads 157 civilian hamsters in the day to day functions of the ship. The crew members themselves are completely identical, which spooks several characters out at times. This is because most of them are related.
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