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Garrek is a foxtaur of the type found in the Chakat Universe, and as such may differ in some aspects from other foxtaurs found in the furry fandom. He is a major character in the story series Forest Tales, created and written by Bernard Doove, and his meeting with Goldfur is illustrated in the comic 4 Footed Furries drawn by Kacey Miyagami.


Garrek, born 19 April 2303, is a male Red Foxtaur of the Mountain Glade foxtaur clan located in the Sequoia National Forest in California. Even for his breed, Garrek's fur is extraordinarily boldly coloured, and he also grew up tall and handsome, making him a prime target for the vixens in his clan. He had one steady girlfriend, Kassi, and a best friend named Zendak with whom he competed (in a friendly manner) for Kassi's affections. After eventually losing to Zendak, he became vulnerable to the abuses of a vixen named Ketta, and eventually left the village, partially to get away from her, and partially to follow his chosen career. Unlike most foxtaurs who are very naturalistic, Garrek wanted to be an engineer, and enrolled in the Star Corps academy from which he graduated with honours. On only his second deep-space voyage, he was assigned to the Captain Cook as a junior engineer, where he met Goldfur, the lead electronics technician. Never having met a chakat before, he thought that shi was just female, and was quite smitten, and Goldfur was also attracted to him. Their relationship developed until one day Garrek accidentally got a good view of Goldfur that revealed an aspect of hir that he had not previously known - that shi was dual gendered. Shocked at first, Garrek worked through his feelings for Goldfur after researching exactly what chakats were. In the end, he realised that he loved hir in spite of this revelation, and declared his love to hir, which shi reciprocated. They declared themselves as denmates (since raised to lifemates) and he has since sired two cubs with Goldfur - Eudora Whitepaw and Tailstalker.

Garrek has a sister named Malena who has since become his co-mate to Goldfur, and a younger brother named Miktar, and a baby sister named Neesha. His mother is Jaleth and his father is Rikandor. Garrek has become important to several other vixens in his clan due to the Obligation, including an elder named Thayla who has become another denmate.