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The IRC channel FurryEmpire is a furry chat room located on the FurNet IRC network. The room is designed for mostly any type of conversation that does not conflict with the rules.

Statistics for #FurryEmpire[edit]

  • The majority of the users originate from The United States.
  • There are usually 13-18 users on average.
  • The main language in the channel is English.

General information for #FurryEmpire[edit]

History of the Channel[edit]

Creation of #FurryEmpire[edit]

The channel was originally named #F and was on the network irc.furry-forum.com. The owner was Fawx, and the admins were Shara, Ravus, and Elkwolf however the owner of the network requested that $2.50 be paid each month in order to keep the channel running. After this, they met the user Espy, who offered to move them to the server EmpireIRC. AndrewAshmaric, a member of the channel, thought of the name Furryempire, so they adopted the name and changed networks. When they moved, they had decided that it would be best if Ravuscale was the owner and AndrewAshmaric was the co-owner.

The lifetime of the Channel at EmpireIRC[edit]

The channel stayed on the network for about half a year. During this time the channel did not meet many new users, due to the fact the network was a fairly small one. Because of this Ravuscale decided it would be best to move to Furnet, everyone agreed except for AndrewAshmaric, who believed that the channel would become filled with yiff. However, to this day Ravuscale has prevented that from happening.


  1. No Mom Jokes.
  2. No Sexual Chat.
  3. No Excessive Cussing.
  4. Respect the moderators and fellow chatters.
  5. Do not use brightly colored text.
  6. No advertising other chats; this ruins our traffic and the fun of it for others.
  7. No Spamming.
  8. Have fun.
  9. Keep drama out of the room and leave it in PMs.
  10. No racism.
  11. Do not engage in illegal situations.
  12. Speak only in English and do not use "Leet Speak" or however it's supposed to be called.
  13. Do not complain about decisions made by the staff members. You have the right to bring it up with another staff member.
  14. Do not try to get around bans.

Staff list[edit]

Name Position
AndrewAshmaric Co-Owner
Cute-Riolu Operator
Elke Co-Owner
Kipikipo Half-Op
Lyude Administrator
Ravuscale Owner
Shara Co-Owner
Taris_Quickpaw Administrator