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Cobalt The Fox (born May 19, 1994,[1] in Baltimore, Maryland, USA;[1] died October 6, 2017)[2], real name William David Gonce,[1] was a fursuiter who lived in Perryville, Maryland.[1]

Furry activities[edit]

Cobalt joined the furry fandom in late 2011.[3] His fursona was a blue-coloured red fox.[3]

Cobalt's alternate characters were Tobie The Wolf and Leam the Rat,[3] the latter of which was a fursuit that Cobalt bought on Furbuy.[4]

He was on the staff of Fur the 'More, as one of the Rangers security group.[2]

Real life[edit]

Cobalt was a graduate of Perryville High School (class of 2012) and the Cecil County School of Technology, where he studied agriculture.[1] He was a member of the Community Fire Company of Perryville.[1]

Cobalt was formerly employed by the Holman Contract Warehouse, Inc. and the 7-Eleven store, both in Perryville.[1] He had begun a new career at the Inc. fulfillment center of Perryville.[1]

Colbalt's interests included camping, fishing, and playing computer games.[1]


On the night of October 6, 2017, Cobalt passed away from a heart attack, after feeling ill for several days.[2] Two years later, the Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic Association announced a $1000 educational scholarship in his memory.[5]


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