Bambi's Children

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Bambi's Children, The Story of a Forest Family, originally titled Bambis Kinder, eine Familie im Walde, is a German Children's novel written by Felix Salten as a sequel to Bambi, A Life in the Woods. The sequel follows the lives of the deer Bambi's twin fawns as they grow from fawns through adulthood.

Originally written in German, the novel was first published in English in the United States in 1939 by Bobbs-Merrill. It was not published in Germany until the following year.[1] Its language is gentler than that of Bambi, A Life in the Woods.[2]

After the success of Disney's Bambi, Walt Disney in association with Dell Comics published a comic book titled Bambi's Childen.


Twin fawns, Geno and Gurri learn the pleasures as well as downsides of nature and their forest home, as their mother Faline raises them to adulthood. Their father, Bambi, watches over them and, at times, takes care of them while their mother is busy. During their lives, they interact with Lana and Boso, twin fawns of their Aunt Rolla, and the orphaned siblings Nello and Membo. The deer also interact with a variety of humans including hunters seeking to kill them and forest rangers wishing to protect them.


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