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Acey as drawn by KC Raveyote.
Jake, Acey's player

Acey Chance Winters, also known as Acey Chance Winterfox, ACW Tiger, Sleaze Roxx, Jakerz and Jakerz Inc (born 1985), is a furry.


In real life, Acey is a Caucasian male. He grew up in Ottawa, Kansas, USA, before moving to Tampa, Florida in June, 2005. As of September 1, 2009, Acey resides in Olathe, Kansas.

Acey likes photography as a hobby, and posts his images on various venues on the web. His online activities primarily involve posting to his Twitter, Facebook, and Fur Affinity accounts, and he has been seen in Second Life under the name AceyWinters.


Acey's fursona is a white Bengal tiger with wild red hair. He is usually seen wearing black clothing, or nothing at all.

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