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-- Brushwell Loves your face.T a l k C o n t r i b s 18:26, 9 July 2008 (UTC)

help me out please[edit]

Listen, I'm new to this wiki and I'm trying to work on a few pages to talk about myself and my characters a little. I have multiple characters and I'd like to make at least one page on each of them. I can understand they're still a little small to be on their own page but you're not helping when you move them around like you do. I have all of the pages bookmarked so I can work on them easier and I have the wiki files saved in text documents. Please stop destroying the articles I'm working on. You cannot redirect Gryph to gryphon because Gryph isn't a nickname for gryphon. Gryph is a nickname for a particular gryphon roleplayer.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by OverGryph (talkcontribs) .

Just a note, OverGryph: The standard practice on WikiFur is to not have separate articles for people and their fursonas/characters. You should merge any sub-articles on fursonas into your main article at Gryph.--Higgs Raccoon 17:26, 26 July 2008 (UTC)