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Name: Tansunn

Species: Red fox/raccoon crossbreed. (Fox anatomy, with raccoon tail rings and "mask")

Age: 24

Height: 5'6"

Build: Fairly lean. Not very muscular, but not skinny to the point of looking anorexic.

Eye color: Green

Fur color: Reddish orange, with pale sandy colored fur on belly and muzzle, and dark brown for "mask" around eyes, rings around tail, and paws, extending about 2 inches above the wrist joints and 4 inches above the ankle joints. Tail (4'6") usually has about four dark rings, although he can make the number and size of the rings change at will.

Clothing: Just about anything so long as it's comfortable. Generally found in jeans + t-shirt or nothing at all.

Accessories: Wears a navy blue leather collar, jade pentacle necklace, a moonstone ring on his right ring finger, and an owl ring on his left index finger.

Tansunn enjoys playing and making music. He doesn't fancy himself much of a composer but he does enjoy arranging music composed by other people. His FurAffinity page ( ) contains a good bit of his work, particularly his newer tracks.