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RockyToonzComics (formerly known as RockyToonz93) is an American cartoonist from Florida, USA.

He is well known for his multiple comic strips (and his pinups) he posts on his DeviantArt page as well as his rabbit fursona.



It's Summer (2016)

The Grizzlys (2016)

The Goode Life (2017)

The Thrashing Thorns (2017)

Da Gator Boyz (2017)

The Stoners 3 (2017)

Fish & Chip (2017)

Cocoa & Nutmeg (2018)

The Cooley Clan (2018)

The Fur Tunes (2018)

The Rabbit Hole (2018)

The Belfrys (2018)

The Harlem Hares (2019)

School's Out (2019)


The Moronimals (2015)

Randolph's Repairs (2016)

Rosie (2016)

Mousehood (2017)