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1st Rank[edit]

RankHusky (born Dec, 31 1990) was a South African fur who lived in Johannesburg until August of 2008. Rank first appeared on Furaffinity in 2006. Rank is a straight fur. Rank is also a Fatfur, however leans more toward the inflation aspect of the spectrum. Though He enjoys Stuffing and Inflation, he rather enjoys his female partners to be the opposite and rather encourage him but staying thin themselves.


RankHusky has four characters in his stories.

Rank. J. Archer[edit]

RankHusky's main character. He is a 1,86m tall navy blue and white 25 year-old husky with a passion for food. He is a shy and conservative husky, but can become very emotional when confused or threatened. Has a crush on his best friend. He loves food, and could eat as much as he wanted to and he has the capability of endless capacity. He has two builds which is obese and muscular.

Stephanie Tanner[edit]

Rank's object of affections. She is a 21 year-old maroon and grey Timber Wolf who loves to party whenever she can. She is still in College and studying to become a designer.

Gerald 'DJ' Tanner[edit]

Stephanie's older brother. A 28 year-old multicoloured Timber Wolf with exotic tastes and all out prankster.

Xander Whitaker[edit]

RankHusky's Superhero character. His family was killed in a fire inside a firehouse. He too died in the fire, but came back to life and arose from the ashes.


In late 2008 Rank Husky moved from Johannesburg to the an area just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania located in the United States. Before he left he entrusted his fursona to another person, stating that he wanted to "Start Fresh" in order to become a better artist. As of 2010 it's unknown if he returned to FA, or who he exactly gave his former account too.

2nd Rank[edit]

Not much is known about the person the first Rank Husky entrusted his title too back in 2008, or even if his interests are indeed similar to the old Rank husky. All we know currently is that this new Rank is a "friend" of the old who could not create an account on Furaffinity for various reasons.

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