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Kehei (born May 17, 1992)[1] is a furry artist and writer who lives in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. He was known as LoganFraser until October 2012, and Darius-Dragon until November 2011. Alternating a lot between species, in July 2013, he settled with a blue sparkle fox by the name of "Kowan"

Kehei's art style is mainly G-rated portraits. He uses Shin-Han markers on Bristol boards to create most of his artwork. Originally on deviantART since 2006, Kehei left mid-2012 due to multiple issues. He is now on Fur Affinity, and also has an account on Weasyl which is, for the most part, inactive.

As of July, 2013, Kehei has attended Anthrocon 2013.

He participated in 2012's NaNoWriMo, with a furry-inspired novel.


Kehei's fursona is a sparklefox going by the name of Kowan. The origins of Kowan, according to the artist, were "between a couple beers, I began to go nuts on the paper, and then went to bed. The next day I saw this little annoyance, in markers, on a corner of a page. Blue, black and white, this thing was just too amazing to be ignored. I wrote one name everywhere on my 'drunk scribbles', and it was Kowan. I settled on this." Blue for most part, he has odd markings, including a black stripe running to his tail, a triangle on the forehead, white fingers and toes, reversed ear markings (blue tips and black base) and a black tail ring. Sometimes depicted with shutter sunshades, he never wears shoes.

Although this is debatable, Kowan is considered by his creator as a sparklefox.

It is noted that due to a mis-spelling at Anthrocon 2013, Kowan also goes by the name of "Spacklefox".

Before choosing to be a Sparklefox, Kehei passed through many fursonas.

-Darius (Dragon): 2006-2011

-Logan (Husky, then Arctic Fox): 2011-2012

-Kay/Kehei (Clouded Leopard/Snow Leopard/Black Jaguar): 2012-2013 (Renamed Kehei in 2012)

-Yatsen: 2013-2013 (May to July)

-Kowan: 2013-


Kehei created throughout the years many characters, some to appear in only one or two pics. Here's a list of characters with their species that seem to be recurrent:

-Yatsen: Giant Panda

-Zhao: Red Panda

-Damon: Raccoon

-Kehei: Black Jaguar

-Kowan: Sparklefox (Fursona)

-Maako: Kitsune

He made other characters, mainly foxes or felines, but most seem to either be unused anymore or to have been dropped totally.


Kehei uses Shin Han markers on bristol boards to create his artwork. His style seems semi-realistic, although it seems to be in a constant set of changes, but inspired by artists such as Angrboda or Shiverz, for example. Subjects vary, but most of the time, Kehei draws pinups or mundane scenes featuring most of the time his characters or random anthropomorphics. His favourite species appear to be raccoons, foxes, red pandas or jaguars. Kehei dropped digital art upon creating his current account due to hyper-photosensitivty, making his eyes unable to stare at a screen for prolongated periods, hence his devotion to traditional art.


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