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Fala Delamere, or just Fala, also known by some as Fahleir (born January 9, 1988),[1] is an Australian furry fan from Adelaide, South Australia.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Fala discovered the furry community online in 2003. He became actively involved in the South Australian SAFurs.org community in 2005, and the wider Australian furry community in 2008, when he was invited to be the treasurer for MiDFur X (Australia's first furry convention). He took on the same role for the Australian Furry Association.


Fala's has developed a few characters over the years:

  • Fala - The white dragon. Fala is his main character and fursona and is capable of shapeshifting. Some of his other characters have started as alternate forms for Fala and evolved over time.
  • Tatsumi - The black dragon. Pretty much created as a bigger, darker, more smug version of Fala.
  • Ulric - The white wolf. Most art he commissions these days tends to feature Ulric.
  • Argent - The silver wolf. Fala's newest character, he was designed to be a better representation of his personality.


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