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Animal Collective

Animal Collective are a group of experimental musicians from Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

Animal Collective consists of four musicians who go by unusual stage names: Davey Portner ("Avey Tare"), Noah Lennox ("Panda Bear"), Brian Weltz ("Geologist"), and Josh Dibb ("Deakin"). Lennox took the name Panda Bear in reference to his childhood hobby of making 4-track cassettes. (On the first one he did he drew a picture of a panda bear.)

Although they now seldom do, Animal Collective once used to perform on stage wearing animal costumes.

Who Could Win a Rabbit[edit]

The tortoise about to beat the hare

In 2004, Animal Collective released the album Sung Tongs (though only Avey Tare and Panda Bear were involved in its production). One of the songs from this album, Who Could Win a Rabbit, was later also released as a single.

The music video for this song features the two musicians in animal costumes, recreating Aesop's (attributed) fable of the Tortoise and the Hare, beginning as a bicycle race and continuing on foot after the tortoise falls from his bike.

Just as in the original fable, the tortoise reaches the finishing line first. Very much unlike the original, the tortoise is subsequently shown devouring the raw flesh of the dead hare.

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