Zurui Kuramoto

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Zurui Kuramoto as he appears on Second Life.

Zurui Cameron Kuramoto (born July 12th, 1984) is a rust-orange kitsune who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

Zurui's fursona a three tailed kitsune and shape-shifter. He can perform small magical acts aside from his fox fire ability; these acts include prestidigitation, flight, teleportation and small-scale conjuring.

Second Life[edit]

Zurui can be found under the same name on Second Life, often found wandering around multiple furry sims including the Gay Yiffy Club and Rainbow Tiger. While he has a vast assortment of avatars, his normal is a three-tailed fox.

Conventions and Gatherings[edit]

Zurui has been to every Anthrocon since 2005. In addition to Anthrocon, Zurui has attended the Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend each year since 2004.

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