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Zorin the Lynx

Zorin (aka Zorin the Lynx, The Crazy Lynxie or Fuzz) is a Canadian Lynx character that frequently hangs out on FurryMUCK and FluffMUCK, on Second Life as Zorin Frobozz, and on the #floridafurs channel on Anthrochat. He can be very silly at times, loves hugs and scritches, and tends to pounce anything that is remotely adorable.

He is probably best known for co-founding FluffMUCK, but is pretty low-key these days.

Zorin's Player[edit]

Zorin's player joined the fandom in 1995 and frequently attends Megaplex, a Florida furry convention.

Zorin's player is a UNIX sysadmin in Miami, Florida. He has volunteered at a wildlife sanctuary and is obsessed with cats, big and small alike.


Yup, Zorin is a Canadian Lynx, but lives in Florida. Having been to Canada, though, he really likes it there and handled the cold without a problem!

Zorin may be a lynx, but his morphic form has a long fluffy squirrel-like tail. This is because he was a squirrel for about two months upon joining FurryMUCK, but retained some of that squirrel-ness upon becoming a lynx. He just likes squirrel-tails!

Zorin's tail is very long (long enough to completely curl around most furs), and on all the MUCKs he is on (except Tapestries), his tail is a separate object that follows him around using the pet program. This silliness has since inspired a number of other furries to have similar tail-object followers.

For the longest time, Zorin used }:) as his characteristic smiley. It's a smiley face with lynx-ears. Eventually he stopped using it because IM systems tend to mutate the smiley into a } followed by a yellow smiley-face. So instead of having to decide whether it was safe to use }:) in a given venue, he just switched to a plain :).

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