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Zoosadist Evidence was the name of a Telegram channel which contained images, video, and discussion of extreme violence to animals, and alleged that the members involved were specific individuals in the furry fandom.


In September 2018, a Twitter account by the name of Zoodonym (Akela), tweeted a link to a Telegram channel with the statement:

Zoosadist Evidence
No more covering for these people. THESE ARE NOT WHAT ZOOPHILES ARE."[1]
Zoosadist Evidence

The channel, titled "Zoosadism Evidence", contained Telegram messages forwarded from other channels in which members of the furry fandom discussed what they called "hard zoo", or particularly violent bestiality, including necrophilia and animal snuff films.

The channel also contained video and images, and multiple RAR files containing exported Telegram chat logs and further images and video.

When the chat logs were leaked, the leaker specifically notified multiple members of the fandom with high Twitter follower counts, including Patch O'Furr. Members of the furry fandom proceeded to search through the files, attempting to corroborate the evidence and identify/report the individuals involved.

After being posted, many of the accounts featured in the files deleted their Telegram accounts, which removed some of the information from the channel, and the Zoosadist Evidence channel was deleted several times. The contents of the RAR files were made available elsewhere and distributed online.

People specifically named by the leaker[edit]

On Twitter, "Akela" specifically named multiple members of the furry fandom as zoosadists.[1] In order used by the account, these included:[citation needed]

In all cases, Akela linked only to the full Telegram channel, and not any specific evidence pointing to an individual person.[1]


According to people who looked through the files, the video and images in the files included an individual penetrating the corpse of a deer; an individual penetrating a live, tied-up dog; and an animal tied over a log having the wide end of a baseball bat shoved into its anus and vagina until it begins to spasm.

The chat logs also included individuals discussing bringing a dog sedated on marijuana or an over the counter drug to a convention for the purposes of bestiality; suggesting in order to fulfill a fetish that someone procured a snake from Craigslist in order to sexually penetrate it and then abandon it outside; and Kero the Wolf discussing his dog's fatal illness and his regret over sexually abusing the animal. In addition to these descriptions, the RAR files contained hundreds of others.

Some of these files were normal and generic photos of different dogs, likely taken from the Internet.

Refuting allegations[edit]

Kero the Wolf claimed variably that his Telegram account, which requires two-factor authentication, had been hacked, and that the chat logs had been faked by an unknown person or group in order to frame him.[2]

Identity of leaker[edit]

Zoodonym is ostensibly a zoophile also involved in the groups(s), who eventually believed that the group's actions went too far and decided to act as a whistleblower. However, others[who?] characterized Zoodonym differently, rumors that he had simply been found out himself and was trying to save himself somehow,[citation needed] or, in the case of those who believed the allegations false, someone who simply had a grudge against Kero the Wolf and wanted to smear him.[citation needed] The leaker did not report the allegations to law enforcement.

Most of the chat logs appeared to be from the account of someone whose display name was 'Snake-Thing,[citation needed] an individual who in the logs encouraged others to engage in animal abuse, leading many to believe this was the identity of Zoodonym. Images posted by Snake-Thing lead to the Fur Affinity account of Nelizar, whose fursona is a snake/wolf hybrid.[citation needed]

According to Snake-Thing/Nelizar (same person),he gave Zoodonym access to his Telegram due to his personal blackmail fetish and approved their login from his phone. Due to someone else using his Telegram, the logs can't be trusted as coming from him or going to anyone specific.


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