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Mythagoras was a furry fanzine published in Tampa, Florida. Five issues were produced:

  • Mythagoras #1-3, edited by Watts Martin, Bill Biersdorf, and Franklin Veaux (1990)
  • Zoomorphica #1 (Mythagoras #4), edited by Watts Martin (1992)
  • Mythagoras, Vol. 2 #1, edited by Watts Martin (1997?)

Mythagoras was noted for high production values, particularly in typesetting and in the covers of Mythagoras #3 and Zoomorphica #1. It was, unfortunately, also noted for high production costs, which helped sink it. The final attempt, several years later (Volume 2) had a focus on magic realism with a "furry slant" in an attempt to broaden its appeal, but had very poor distribution and a problem-plagued production process.

Contributors through the magazine's history included Watts Martin, Bill Fitts, Tom Verre, M.C.A. Hogarth, Zjonni, Chuck Melville, Paul Kidd, and Michael H. Payne, as well as Hugo winner Lawrence Watt-Evans and Nebula nominee Lawrence M. Schoen. While most of what was to have been issue #4 became the sole issue of Zoomorphica, there was some notoriety for an Empires comic from Chris F. Grant that never happened.

While Mythagoras never achieved a terribly high level of visibility thanks to its erratic production schedule, it was cited as an influence on Sofawolf Press later on, and the first three issues have sold at conventions for substantially higher than cover price.