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Zoobilee Zoo was a children's TV series that aired in the 1980s and 1990s revolving around the daily antics of a group of anthropomorphic animals, known as "Zoobles". The human actors wore costumes that made them appear more like their signature animal, though not technically fursuits, as instead of masks, the actors wore wigs, facepaint and latex facial appliances to match their costume.


  • Mayor Ben was a leopard and the leader of Zoobilee. (played by Ben Vereen)
  • Bill Der Beaver was a grey beaver who liked to build and invent things. (played by Sandey Grinn)
  • Lookout Bear was a brown bear who was always going out on daredevil adventures. (played by Michael B. Moynahan)
  • Whazzat Kangaroo was a pink kangaroo who enjoyed singing, dancing, and playing music. (played by Stevie Vallance)
  • Van Go Lion was a yellow lion who loved to paint. (played by Forrest Gardner)
  • Bravo Fox was a red fox who liked to act and put on a show. (played by Gary Schwartz)
  • Talkatoo Cockatoo was a green cockatoo notorious for her constant chit-chat. (played by Karen Hartman)

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