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Author(s) John Mann (Eggplantman)

ZODIAC is an action and adventure comic book and webcomic that follows in the superhero genre, but uses anthropomorphic animals. It was created by John Mann (Eggplantman). It is updated weekly and the first 100 pages and main character description pages are available in print form.


The setting of Zodiac is a world similar to Earth in terms of technology and many familiar cultures seem to be present but it is not Earth. The planet (un-named at this point) is populated by many anthropomorphisized animal species covering the full range of vertebrates except for fish and marine mammals such as dolphins and whales. Actual animal life is also identical to Earth minus those species that are either anthropomorphisized or absent altogether (again, marine mammals). Generally, animal life consists of invertebrate species and some have been bred and domesticated to function as pets including large species of caterpillar and spider.

The world has countries and disparate governments with the addition of large cities that seem to exist as entities unto themselves and are quite large with many sub-cities connected to them. The main setting is Alpha City though several characters come from other large cities each with a similar title such as Delta City for an example.


As the millennium draws to a close and the next one begins, the emergence of super-powered individual is beginning to have a larger and larger influence. Some companies seek to protect themselves by forming their own teams of super-powered defenders. One such company is the mega-corporation known as New Dawn. They hire an enormous team of twelve supers through various means, base their theme around the Western Zodiac and put them in charge of defending the company and Alpha City itself. The comic so far follows the formation of the team and their first encounter with actual super-villains. Numerous off-shoot comics featuring the Zodiac after their formation have also been written.


The Zodiac[edit]

Supporting cast[edit]


  • Basilisk
  • Ghoul
  • Hell Hound
Hell Hound
  • Igneous
  • Jigsaw
  • Legion
  • Master Blaster
    Master Blaster
  • Nightmare
  • Razor
  • Saurus
Saurus, a supervillain
  • Slaver
  • Wraith