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Zirik the Wizard[edit]


Zirik is formerly a Headwizard of Furscape, from after his promotion from building wizard in February, 2006 until 2011. He is normally depicted as a black-and-white humanoid feline wearing blue wizard robes and a wizard hat. His hat bears his symbol, a white hammer in a circle.

It is notable that there are two separate, very distinct entities named 'Zirik'. One is the IC character, the CEO of Omicron Industries on Mars. The other is a MUCK wizard and OOC persona used by his player. One major difference is that the IC character has a last name. The other does not, despite sharing the same database object.

What Zirik does[edit]

As a headwizard, Zirik is involved in major decisions regarding Furscape, as well as retaining his previous job of building wizard. His staff entry in the list currently has black and yellow construction vehicle stripes and flashing red lights.

The History of Zirik[edit]

Zirik joined Furscape in late 2001. At first he was not a furry fan, nor did he have any idea that the fandom existed. His first character was the Asimovian android, X-2309.

After a few weeks he was encouraged to create a Recom character. This new character was named, 'Zirik'. IC, he was a gadgeteer working for a mercenary company. OOC, he was a helpful player who was always willing to put aside his own needs to assist others. He was quickly subsumed into the MUCK's helpstaff, where he found his true calling. As a helpstaffer, Zirik spent more time helping other players than roleplaying, and his IC character began to see less and less action.

In 2002 Zirik was promoted to Mage, a minor wizard rank. With this increase of power he became more effective as a building helper. He also constructed a number of new areas on the MUCK, mainly on Mars.

In early 2003, Furscape's building wizard had been idle for a considerable time, so Zirik was appointed replacement building wizard. As a wizard he began a mad reign of building and coding. His massive, complex structures can be seen in some places in Furscape. The labyrinthine Jupiter Station is one example. He reconstructed the main Martian colony, adding several new streets and filled in some of the missing details of Mars' previously nebulous government.

Over the years, Zirik's IC appearances grew increasingly rare, until he ceased roleplaying altogether, aside from a few arranged scenes every couple of months or so.

2005 saw a resurgence of IC activity, not from Zirik himself, but from a number of alts he created. Uruloki, the Lynx mercenary, went on many adventures in Furscape's advanced space environment. Zirik found his new character a refreshing experience, and played him off and on multiple times for a year. Due to a lengthy construction project, Uruloki went back on the shelf. He comes out from time to time, but never seems to be around for long TPs.

A little later, Zirik revisited an idea from the past. He resurrected X-2309's Asimovian concept as the android Scion-0001, a prototype artificial intelligence. Scion can often be found in Annyrion Park, philosophising about life, the universe and everything, in his unique robotic way. His best friend is the ocelot, Tsye, with whom he shares stories and discusses the world and the people that live in it. Scion proved to be Zirik's most successful character and provides him with his most enjoyable RP.

In February, 2006, Karinne decided to step down from her headwizard position and Zirik was nominated to take up the title. The headwizards discussed this among themselves and agreed. As a new headwizard, Zirik did what anyone with newfound power does, he tried to impose his view of how the universe should work on Furscape. Namely, he instituted the creation of the Science Council, a group of scientifically minded staff members whose job is to regulate and approve technology proposals submitted by players. Only a week later, Zirik reorganised the entire staff structure, merging the helpstaff and RPstaff into a single group and removing a number of the more idle staffers.

It is generally believed that what Zirik has done so far as a headwiz has been pretty good.

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