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A fanzine (or just zine) is a regularly published magazine or book that uses artwork and stories submitted by members of the fandom itself versus a set group of paid contributors. Some fanzines do provide compensation to contributors in the form of nominal payments and free copies of the final product.

The term has a long and sometimes confusing history, other fandoms having different customs, but most will agree that fan-produced content is a vital element, and then continue disputing any proposed definition. Modern desktop publishing technology has made it more difficult to distinguish a fanzine from a commercial product by its physical characteristics. A fanzine should not be confused with vanity publishing.

Many fanzines are compilations of many different creative works which may or may not be based loosely around a central theme. Others include continuing stories chronicling events in one or more shared universes.

Ratings on the content of fanzines can range from G to NC-17.

Fanzines may be obtained directly from the publisher, through stores like Rabbit Valley or Second Ed, or at conventions in the dealers den.

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