Zig Zag the Story

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Zig Zag the Story is a fanfiction, written by James Bruner, which is currently in its 102nd chapter (as of 08 April 2011). The story went on a two-year hiatus after chapter 101, but has since been resumed. As the title suggests, it follows the skunk-tiger hybrid character, Zig Zag, as she tries to find happiness, in meeting and developing a romantic relationship with James Sheppard, a computer consultant. The story is set in a later time period than Zig Zag's appearances in Sabrina Online, and features discreet cameos by various characters created by others.

It must be noted that it is not an 'erotic fan fiction'; romantic moments are handled with discretion.


The fact that Zig Zag is being portrayed in a way that shows depth to her character and without using graphic sex scenes, in this story especially and to a lesser degree in other SabrinaVerse stories, has caused consternation among some fans of Zig Zag erotica, some of whom would rather view her only as a one-dimensional porn star. However, Max Black Rabbit (creator of Zig Zag) has supported James in his efforts to create this story.

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