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Zeta Paws (formerly Zeta Creations) is a company that fashions zoophillic dildos in the shapes of animal penises, including mythical animals. They have been "making toys" since 2001.[1]


Zeta Paws is run by Brownbear and Talarath. The company logo and name derives from ancient Greek letter Zeta (uppercase Z, lowercase ΞΆ) used as a code among zoophiles to identify each other.


Zeta Paws creates and sells dildos based on a range of animal penises, including canines, equines, humans and gryphons, as well as sexual lubrication products.

Discontinuing products[edit]

Zeta Paws previously produced a large range of species, sizes, and material options for its toys. With their discontinuance of gel-base toys, the majority of their line has been discontinued. Their toys in silicone have not been threatened to be discontinued, and many toys they previously offered are planned for re-introduction as silicone toys.

The selection of toys they offered ranged from small mammals such as otters to the horse model called Thor, and on mythical animals such as dragons and gryphons. The "Jel" dildos were available either opaque or translucent in some 20 colors, including glow or metallic.[2]

The information page of Zeta Creations previously answered "What are they made of?" with:

Zeta Paws
These Dildos are made of a material similar to the "Jel" dildos you can buy at adult stores, though ours are made of a more durable material similar to vinyl[2]
Zeta Paws

As of 2011, the FAQ stated:

Zeta Paws
Are your products safe for use in the human body? Our silicone line of toys are of medical grade silicone and are very resiliant. Those toys are harmless. Our gel line of toys are made of PVC material (vinyl) and if not properly taken care of, may leech out the softener which may cause some discomfort. However, our gel line of toys is being discontinued soon.[3]
Zeta Paws



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