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Zenny's fursona as drawn by Tiberius.

Zenny (born June 9, 1989) is a furry located in Louisville, Kentucky. He was introduced to the fandom in mid 2004 during his freshman year at Louisville Male High School. Nowadays Zenny is a member of the Derby City Furs and KyFurs.

Upon graduation, he began attending ITT Technical Institute, achieving an Associate's degree in Multimedia in November, 2008 and a Bachelor's degree in Digital Entertainment and Game Design in August, 2009.


Zenny's fursona is a young fox kit. His fur coloration consists of three main colors: lavender, white, and black. He has multicolored eyes: his left eye a light green and the right one a light blue. Zenny also has a special birth mark, splotches of discolored lavender, covering his bottom.

A fursuit of Zenny was completed by Kodi in March, 2009.

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