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Zeel1 is a member of the EchoNet, and is currently a co-owner of Project Shadow, though he no longer updates it. He wears a leather suit with flames down the sides of them, and can be seldom times seen hanging off moving helicopter poles, and riding motorcycles.

Delayed beginnings[edit]

In early 2001, Zeel1 was on the computer for the first time, and while searching, came across a sprite comic, the first one he'd seen. The name is uncertain, but it had to do with Chao. He liked it, and went searching for more. He found that in comics called Sonic Boom, and CBX. These had much more dramatic stories, filling Zeel1's equally dramatic needs. However, that same year, the computer Zeel1 was using stopped working. Three years later, in late 2004, He was able to obtain a working computer, and he immediately attempted to re-find old comics, he did that with Sonic Boom. He was unable to find CBX, as it had moved to another site. 2005 was the true breaking in for Zeel1, as early on he found Sonic Wrecks and The Adventures Of Tony The Hedgehog, yet more comics that he quickly had a passion for. At this time, however, Zeel1 was still not net-savvy. In fact, he only went onto the internet for those comics, and never even visited any other site, and was not on very long either. Mid 2005, his enjoyment with these comics ultimately lead him to try and mimic them, mostly Sonic Boom, using it's characters. However, there was a problem. He did not know how to paste, or even save sprites from sites at this time. He drew them best he could in paint. Luckily for him, and any other would-be viewers, he also had no knowledge as to how to show these to people across the net, and so they where never shown. Eventually, Zeel1 yet again lost internet connection. This, however, would prove later to be the first real step in becoming net-savvy.

"In-Net Career"[edit]

When making his return back to the net in very early 2006, he found that Sonic Boom was gone. He searched, and searched, and searched, before finally figuring out that DrunkDuck(The hosting site in which Sonic Boom used) was down, and had been for a very long time. He then saw that it archived where comics had moved. He found Sonic Boom, and saw that it went to SmackJeeves, a place that was easier for Zeel1 to understand. Here, he learned how to get and use sprites in comics. Around this time, he also found and joined Newgrounds, upon seeing what would end up being another big thing for him, "Sonic vs. SuperSonic". His first comic, Blue Blur Battles was not exactly successful, but it did work out, as the creator of Sonic Boom was one of the very first to comment on it, something Zeel1 certainly did not expect. In a comment there, he also met someone who would go on to be a good friend of his, named Tirgo. Tirgo owned many comics, one of which being one named Project Shadow. Eventually, Zeel1 sent out guest comics to this, and ultimately asked to become a co-owner, which was allowed. From here, Zeel1 entered the most active time of his comic-making career. Tirgo's rapid-fire updates was seen as a challenge for Zeel1, to which he responded by making comics as fast as he could as well.

Zeel1 and Vixin.


After seeing "Sonic vs. SuperSonic", made by NG Member Vixin_McCloud, he saw that she needed voices for the next installment to that series. Deciding to assist her, he began threads in NG's forum (The first forum he would ever be on) asking for voices on her behalf. This being successful, he decided to see what else that forum had to offer. Upon going into a "Sonic vs. Megaman" topic, he saw a member who would later become his best friend, in PowerPrower. A simple reply to his question about who could use what move, lead to the friendship between them. They started as simple random members, but they where soon, by some means, put on the same side due to flaming by the creator of the topic. (It is unknown what the name of that person was, but it had something to do with "Wolf") The two then joined the "Sonic Crew" there in NG. There, he met another good friend in Chaotix. He also had his first true feud there, with a member named Medjai. At this time, in Zeel1's posts, he often times included several periods in sentences, to signify a pause. This did not sit well with net-savvy Medjai. Based on this, and the fact that at that time, Zeel1's sprites where recolors, Medjai began flame wars against him, backed by another member named Ryan. It was around this time that Zeel1 joined a forum called "EchoWorlds". There, he was guided to MSN Messenger, where he was accidentally included in a conversation with Ryan, who then added Medjai. This was the culmination of the fued. It continued in moderations afterwards, but hatred towards them where slim after this. However, Zeel1 began detesting NG, and much preferring the friendlier EchoWorlds at this time. To this day, Zeel1 hates NewGrounds, but does thank it, as if it weren't for it, he would not have his good friends, PowerPrower, and Chaotix, or the girl who would later become his girlfriend, Vixin.

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