Zebra Girl

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Zebra Girl, by Joe England, is the story of a girl called Sandra who became cursed with the body of a demon covered with zebra stripes. This stunning black-and-white comic charts her adjustment to living with her new body, and her search for a cure. Other anthropomorphic characters include Wally, a werewolf, and Sam, a rabbit who was brought in from a parallel universe.

Sandra became a demon through Jack (a wizard) and his sister's "farting around" with an arcane text of magic. Jack broke one of the rules written inside that stated that it not be slammed shut. Once he did so, Sandra spontaniously became a demon, whilst Jack and his sister were at the receiving end of an explosion. Sandra has little control over her anger at Jack for his mistake, and every time that her anger peaks, he bursts into flame. The basis of England's story is the attempts by Jack to restore Sandra to her original body.

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