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ZebraWolf, also known as Lexi Luxourious or Wolfie Bites (real name Adriana Alexis Perez; born May 22),[1] is a female artist and fursuiter who lives in Henderson, Nevada, U.S.A.[1] Her boyfriend is photographer A.p. Sykes.


ZebraWolf began drawing when she could first pick up any form of writing material. She started off drawing pictures of her family, her interests (such as Pokémon and canines), or things in her environment. Her love of art grew, and she continued drawing fan art of all sorts.

In early 2003, shortly after her father left her and her mother, ZebraWolf made her first original character: Milagros, an artic/grey wolf mix. Milagros went through many changes. When ZebraWolf was into the Digimon fandom, Milagros was Wulffmon, and she was brown instead of her usual white design.

As ZebraWolf's interests changed, so did her artwork. Her first digital art appeared in late 2006, and she began to use Photoshop in 2007.


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