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Zazu is the hornbill major-domo to the lion pride on Pride Rock in The Lion King. With his English accent and mannerisms, he comes off as being very pretentious at times, however he is an invaluable aid to the pride.

The character was voice by two different people in the English versions:

Backstory[citation needed][edit]

Zazu's family was first asked to serve as majordomos to the Lion King when Mufasa's father, Ahadi appointed Zazu's mother Zuzu to become the first majordomo of the Pride Lands. Zazu later took up the title himself after being coached by his mother about the job. The young hornbill also had an encounter with Mufasa when the prince saved Zazu from the slavering jaws of the hyenas. Zazu was thankful and hoped that he could be of service to the future Lion King someday, to which Mufasa was doubtful. However, one day, Zazu noticed some hovering vultures and saw that Sarabi had fallen into a pit and couldn't get out. Zazu flew back to tell Mufasa, who leaped up and ran to the Gorge. Mufasa couldn't find a way to rescue Sarabi, so Zazu found a tree trunk that Mufasa dragged over to the pit, allowing Sarabi to climb out. Mufasa saw that the little hornbill was useful after all and appointed him to be his majordomo.

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