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GingerM is a member of the furry community and has been active since 2009. (Pronouns: "she/her/hers")

Real life[edit]

Ginger (Ginger Anne McKenzie, b. 1968) does not consider herself a furry, Otherkin or therian, but greatly enjoys playing in the furry community when her employment allows. She has a technical background in electrical and electronic control systems, and finds furry fandom a welcome escape from her work.



Her main fursona is Rhiannon, an hermaphroditic umamusume (a form of anthro horse similar to neko in that the body is primarily human with superficial equine characteristics, and with some equine vocalizations and behaviours). Originally created in 2009 to be the lead character for stories about a race of horse morphs in Bernard Doove's Chakat universe, Rhiannon has since come to be Ginger's alter ego for writing and art. Rhiannon's pronouns: "shi/hir/hirs"


GingerM has also been active in Second Life since 2009, although she changed accounts in 2010 and is now under the name of Rhiannon Tamerlane. She maintains image galleries on several websites including Fur Affinity, SoFurry, Weasyl, and Hentai Foundry under the name "GingerM"; and in-character galleries as Rhiannon on Flickr and Her writing is shared on FurAffinity and Literotica.


In addition to Rhiannon, Ginger has several other characters:

  • Sh'sthress, a digitigrade female anthro lizard created in September 2011 after she impulsively bought an adoptable.
  • Isra Malai, a digitigrade female anthro cat with largely Siamese-like markings, after she won a colouring contest on Fur Affinity in January 2012.
  • Zasiphoriel, a female-figured intersexed succubus
  • Nike, a female-figured intersexed aeromorph (anthropomorphic aircraft) based on the Avro CF-105 Arrow
  • Perseus, a digitigrade male anthro mer-fox.
  • Dominique, a fair, redheaded intersexed girl from France
  • Sheera, an Amazonian, platinum-blonde, ebony-skinned intersexed girl whose origins are shrouded in mystery.

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