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Zarrix, drawn by Reva the Scarf.

Zarrix (born October 15)[1] is a furry artist and babyfur who lives in Lakeland, Florida, U.S.A.[2]


Zarrix's fursona is a three-year-old folf whose ageing process has frozen. His wolf side dominates his appearance, with his fox heritage hinted at in the shape and colouring of his tail.

His fur is brown, with patches of gray running from under his muzzle to his chest, a gray tip on his tail, and spots gray on his feet but not easily visible. He also has rings of deep-red fur around his wrists, feet, tail, and ears.

Zarrix's hair is a very dark brown, appearing black to the naked eye. His claws are black and his eyes are odd-coloured, the left being emerald-green and the right sapphire-blue.


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