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Zarla, as drawn by herself

Zarla is the avatar and pseudonym of an Internet artist, fanfic writer and Flash animator who uses a red fox to represent herself.

In 2006, Zarla posted,

I made Zar back about ten or eleven years ago when I was still interested in furries. I've used her as my online name and avatar since. She has not changed her appearance at all since I made her.

Therefore, even though I don't draw furries anymore, have no interest in furry art, and want nothing to do with any kind of furry subculture, I kept Zar the same because I was used to her. It's hard to change something you've used for eleven years. Zar is a representation of myself. She has no personality outside of mine and no character outside of mine. All she is, to me, is an alternate way of presenting myself on the internet so people don't know what I really look like.

So I don't consider myself a furry[1]


Zarla has a web comic, called Zarla!. She made a Move Your Dead Bones music video. Zarla was involved in the Creatures community around 1999.

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