Zari Bara Pride

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The Zari Bara Pride was a fictional role-played pride on The Lion King MUCK that existed in the Golden Lands from March 1998 to February 2002.


Founded in the Golden Lands by Nyanya and Balana in March of 1998. They ruled until 2000 whereupon Nyanya's death, their son Nabana took over. The original pride had pretty much disbanded, so he rebuilt upon what had been. His rule there ended in early 2002 when a fire consumed the lands, and what was left of the pride became the Maluuni and moved to the far north (out of the realm of muck RP). The Natamba pride would resettle the Golden Lands after the lands recovered from fire.


  • March, 1998-November, 2000 - Nyanya (King) and Balana (Queen)
  • November, 2000-February, 2002 - Nabana, Keiro, and Tufani (Coalition)


Nyanya's Pride[edit]

  • Nyanya, Lion (deceased)
  • Balana, Lioness
  • Nabana, Lion (Nyanya and Balana's son)
  • Shaujo, Lion (Nyanya and Balana's son, presumably deceased)
  • Twanka, Lion (Nyanya and Tarlia's son)
  • Watuku, Lion (Nyanya and Miara's son)
  • Alaira, Lioness (Nyanya and Balana's daughter)
  • Chagra, Lioness (Ubami's daughter, Balana's half-sister)
  • Chakula, Lioness
  • Desmei, Lioness (Nyanya and Tarlia's daughter, deceased)
  • Jaoja, Lioness (Nyanya and Tarlia's daughter)
  • Kisiri, Lioness (Nyanya and Balana's daughter)
  • Kya, Lioness (Nyanya and Tarlia's daughter)
  • Lesana, Lioness (Nyanya and Balana's daughter, deceased)
  • Miara, Lioness
  • Nyoyo, Lioness (Nyanya and Balana's daughter, deceased)
  • Tarlia, Lioness
  • Tanja, Lioness (Nyanya and Tarlia's daughter)
  • Ubami, Lioness

Nabana's Pride[edit]

  • Nabana, Lion
  • Keiro, Lion
  • Tufani, Lion
  • Adma, Lion (Nabana and Tia's son, deceased)
  • Adma're, Lion (Nabana and Tia's son, deceased)
  • Kivuli, Lion (Nabana and Tawakali's son)
  • Kushu, Lion (Nabana and Tia's son, deceased)
  • Mbuai, Lion (Nabana and Azishia's son)
  • Roho'Kufa, Lion (Tufani and Tawakali's son)
  • Savou, Lion (Nabana and Nakupenda's son)
  • Simbayo, Lion (Nabana and Tawakali's son)
  • Tenza, Lion (Tufani and Tawakali's son)
  • Aiwaliko, Lioness
  • Ajali, Lioness (Nabana and Tawakali's daughter)
  • Azishia, Lioness
  • Balana, Lioness
  • Bwaoji, Lioness (Nabana and Tia's daughter)
  • Caba, Lioness
  • Caira, Lioness
  • Chagra, Lioness (Ubami's daughter, Balana's half-sister)
  • Chakula, Lioness
  • Hekia, Lioness (Tufani and Tawakali's daughter)
  • Jayla, Lioness (Nabana and Tia's daughter)
  • Kifuko, Lioness (Nabana and Azishia's daughter)
  • Lela'shairi, Lioness (Nabana and Azishia's daughter)
  • Minshasa, Lioness (Nabana and Nakupenda's daughter)
  • Nakupenda, Lioness
  • Nanakala, Lioness (Nabana and Nakupenda's daughter)
  • Penga, Lioness (Tufani and Tawakali's daughter)
  • Tawakali, Lioness
  • Tafrija, Lioness
  • Tia, Lioness (deceased)
  • Ubami, Lioness
  • Vurumai, Lioness (Nabana and Nakupenda's daughter)