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Zandria is a character in The Quest for Fun.

Zandria comes from the lizardmen tribe of Xiamath, living in a desert in the south of Gendoh. Her tribe lives in a rural way and is very small. She is casually in Watrydale when she meets Scyra, due to the fact that she is running away from home for mysterious reasons that we'll find out later. Kind and shy, she doesn't know men a lot and deeply disliked the few living in her homeland.

Zandria joins Scyra on her quest to find out someting more about the world outside (she never left her village before, exactly like Scyra) and most of all, to put some good miles between her and her family; she also finds out that men aren't so bad as she thought after all...

Zandria is a really talented acrobatic fighter (hand to hand style) taking advantage from her heavy, long and whipping tail. She likes to fight with the typical ironfists of Xiamath and she is also able to launch long spikes and needles, sometimes dipped in narchotics: she knows plants and herbs that she uses also to perform basic shamanic cures, sometimes.

This description was taken from the Vixine site, and it is posted here with the authorization of the authors.