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Zampacon '13 poster by Aledon Rex.
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Zampacon '13 was the second Zampacon convention. It was held at Maria Gabriella Hotel in Rimini, once again in Emilia-Romagna region, from September 4, 2013, to September 8, 2013, permanently increasing the event's duration from 4 to 5 days.[1]


Having successfully managed the first edition, the staff agreed to remove any cap to the maximum number of guests for this event (except the hotel's room cap) booking out the hotel with 41 registered attendants, of which 39 actually took part to the event, staff included.[2]


The convention schedule was similar to the 2012 edition, with games in the morning, panels in the evening and movies or further games at night. Due to the location's proximity to the seaside, the convention was unofficially beach-themed and included furry-styled beach games and a night out at the beach. Novelties included attendee-hosted panels, a full-color 20 pages conbook, a small staff-hosted dealer's den and pre-ordered official t-shirts.[3]


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