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Zackie is a furry artist whose fursona is a horse.

Zackie was born in rural Virginia, United States (where horses are commonly found), which contributes to his somewhat Southern accent. He joined the furry fandom around 2005.

Fursona appearance[edit]

Zackie is 6'10" tall and weighs 500 lbs. He is built rather largely, with a keg-like belly, big, wide shoulders, and muscular arms and legs which him a kind of "bearish" look.

Zackie has short, chocolaty-brown fur and a light black mane that reaches down to about the lower part of his back, though this is rarely noticeable in pictures due to his build. His tail also is quite long, reaching to his hooves.


Despite his large size, Zackie acts as though he is weak, and thus becomes the target for bullies. He has something of a girlish and naive personality. Though never cross-dressing in public, he will sometimes do so in private.

Zackie usually comes off as innocent, though - when necessary - he can prove to be quite cunning and clever. This is rarely to the extent in which anyone is hurt, if ever.

Zackie's girlishness, perhaps, has caused him to constantly worry about his appearance, whether he is getting nice clothes or simply combing his hair. Because of this, he is constantly seen wearing well-tailored suits, usually without ties as "his neck is too thick". Zackie's suits have quite an array of colors, but usually consist of neon blue/purple and black.

On a few ocassions, Zackie has streaked his hair with either baby blue or pink, but never with more then one color at a time.

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