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Z-JAM-C (also known as Cxulubcah, FinalGamer, or Zack Gregson) is a writer on Yiffstar, and is the author of the Dolphin Family series. He is from Scotland. His fursona is a velociraptor.

Z-JAM-C has been part of the furry fandom since October 2004, when he first wrote a story of a dolphin being taught of how to mate by her father. This eventually grew into the Dolphin Family series. Since then, he has become an official furry. He had not been ignorant of the community, having first learned of them as far back as 2001 with an admiration of and interest in their fantastical imagination.

He has also written a few fanfictions, of Jack, Metroid and Lilo and Stitch. Another "achievement" he is known for is the first "serious" yaoi fanfiction of JACK, although a less serious one was created by one of David Hopkins' closest friends, Buster Charlie.

He first made use of what writing talent he had as a poet as far back as March 2004. He plans to be an official writer of a full-length novel and is currently working on a fantasy novel, along with several essays.

He was also formerly the lover of DamionStJames, since December 2004 to 2006