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Mochi Mink's former fursona, Yuchi.

Mochi Mink, formerly known as Yuchi, (born February 12, 1989) is a furry artist and fursuiter from Tampa Bay, Florida, U.S.A. Her fursona is a a mink/ferret hybrid. Her former fursona was a prehistoric hyena/raccoon hybrid. More specifically, she is an Ictitherium with a little bit of crab-eating raccoon mixed in. (Ictitherium are an extinct genus of hyena). The 1.20m (4 ft) long animal looked more like a civet than a hyena, possessing a long body with short legs. The character herself believes she is a ferret and acts like such. Her fursona has undergone a change and is now a mink/ferret hybrid.


Yuchi has been in the fandom since late 2006. She discovered furry in her freshman year of high school and slowly developed a keen interest for it as she grew up and found out more about herself.

As a fursuiter, Yuchi can be found parading around conventions for hours on end. She has attended Mephit FurMeet, Elliott's Live Events, and Anthrocon, as well as the anime conventions Metrocon and AFO (Anime Festival Orlando).

Yuchi's Don't Hug Cacti suit made its debut at Mephit FurMeet 12 (2008).

Aside from art and the fandom, ferrets are Yuchi's greatest passion. She is also ferret photographer and artist, doing art for various shelters and photographing either her own or other people's ferrets.

Her fursona has been changed and is now a mink/ferret hybrid and is now renamed to Mochi Mink.

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