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Yu Puffin (born May 3, 1997)[1], also known simply as Yu, is a fursuiter who lives in Seattle, Washington, USA.[2]


Yu spent most of his life as a visual artist, but was first introduced to dance through the Vocaloid fandom at the age of 14.[3] He became involved in the furry fandom and began constructing costumes at 15 upon discovering the existence of fursuits through YouTube videos, including those of fursuit dance. Yu began actively practicing fursuit dance at the age of 18, drawing inspiration from a range of styles including lyrical, modern, hip-hop, J-pop, and breakdancing.

Yu is currently pursuing a college degree. He is also an active cosplayer and participates in anime and manga fandoms.


Yu constructs all of his own fursuits.

He currently owns four fursuits:

  • Yu Puffin, his fursona, a blue tufted puffin. The most recent version of this fursuit was completed in January 2016.[4]
  • Gundahar, a marine iguana debuted in June 2015.[5]
  • Dynamite Zippencrash, a tan, red and blue red river hog completed in the summer of 2017.[6]
  • Lobo, a blue Mexican wolf named after Lobo the King of Currumpaw, debuted in January 2018.[7]

Dance Competition Record[edit]

Competition Placement/Result
Rainfurrest 2013 Dance Competition Finalist
Rainfurrest 2014 Dance Competition Did not make finals
Furlandia 2016 Dance Competition 3rd
Kerfluffle 3 Finalist
Further Confusion 2017 Dance Competition Did not make finals
Vancoufur 2017 Dance Competition Finalist
Vancoufur 2017 Fursuit Floor Wars Finalist
Kerfluffle 5 Round 2
Furlandia 2017 Fullsuit Dance Competition 2nd
Kerfluffle 6 Round 1
Anthro Northwest 2017 Dance Competition 3rd
Anthro Northwest 2017 Floor Wars Finalist
RAIn Holiday Party 2017 Dance Competition 1st
Furry Down Under 2018 Dance Competition Finalist
Furry Down Under 2018 Floor Wars Winner
Furlandia 2018 Dance Competition 1st
Kerfluffle 7 Round 2
Alamo City Furry Invasion 2018 Veteran Dance Competition 1st

Convention attendance[edit]

Yu has attended:


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