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Yrrek (also known as "AdmYrrek", "Adm. Yrrek", or "Admiral Yrrek") is a member of the furry community, originally from southern California but is currently residing in northern California. Though she is new to the community, she has drawn anthro art long before she was aware there was a name for it. Yrrek can be found in several places on the Internet under the moniker "AdmYrrek".


So far, Yrrek's furry art is mostly realistic and character-driven, though she has done a yiff pin-up for close friend Sixarmedwerewolf. She will occasionally do a commission over the Internet, but, thus far, she is not well-enough known within the community to command much attention. However, when attending her first furry convention (Further Confusion 2007) she set up in a corner of the hotel and did conbadge commissions for $20, including ones for Sixarmedwerewolf, SoulFire, Reddie, and Mozdoc.

As far as notable gift art, Yrrek did a piece for 2, the Ranting Gryphon which he now has on his "Shows" page for 2 Sense.

In the Community[edit]

At this point, Yrrek does not know exactly where she fits in the furry community because she does not have a fursona in the usual sense. She does not see herself in an anthropomorphic form, but has what she calls a 'dæmon,' a term used by Philip Pullman in his book trilogy "His Dark Materials" (called "Northern Lights" in its British publication) to refer to an idea very much like animal totems. Her dæmon is named Oryon and has the form of a small big cat (about 45 lbs and two feet at the shoulder) with mahogany fur dorsally spotted with tan-grey spots. His physique is similar to a leopon. She holds these ideas as very personally important and centrally spiritual. She has considered that she might fit better in the therianthropy community, but has since disregarded that idea as it does not seem to fit.

In June 2011, a deviantART post mentions "my fursona, Eric, who is an anthropomorphic leopon".[1]


Yerrk is currently working on a furry webcomic which is still in the process. The title comes from a quirk in the dominant culture within the comic.


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