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Yoru Kurosawa (known as Kura Amarok Ookami by some) is an anthropomorphic wolf. His fur is as white as snow, about two inches long. His tail is roughly two feet long. Yoru's feet are not digitgraded, meaning that he walks on both the ball and heel of his foot. Yoru's eyes are a deep silver color, unlike most wolves. Yoru's hands are the type that most call "pianist's hands," which he puts to good use for that purpose.


Yoru enjoys playing the piano, even though he cannot play well. The other instrument he can play is the flute, and he is relatively talented with it. Yoru enjoys singing to most songs he can get his hands on. Yoru also enjoys writing, and has a fairly extensive poetry library on his DeviantArt site. He also writes stories and songs. Furthermore, Yoru loves listening to music, roleplaying, and reading.


Yoru listens to a variety of music, but most of his library consists of Alternative Rock, Gothic Rock, and Metal. He primarily listens to Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, and Within Temptation. Yoru appreciates Evanescence for Amy Lee's voice and lyrics, Within Temptation for their orchestrated sound, and Lacuna Coil for the lyrics that can match his mood the vast majority of the time.

Other music Yoru listens to includes Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park, Final Fantasy soundtracks, and Nightwish.


Yoru reads anything that has the slightest inkling to do with wolves. The Patricia Briggs Mercedes Thompson series is among his favorites, as is Jane Lindskold's Firekeeper series, and Anne Bordecharte's Wolf series (The Silver Wolf, Night Of The Wolf, and The Wolf King).


Yoru Kurosawa has two brothers: Kaji Ryuuko and Dalaraga Salarus. Oddly enough, Kaji is a black/grey draolf (dragon-wolf) and Dalaraga is a purple dragon.

Yoru Kurosawa is mated to Ansuru, another wolf of beautiful coloration.

Within The QQQ[edit]

The QQQ, or Qanada Qoncept Qrew, is a group of individuals with extraordinary abilities. The events of the QQQ take place a few hundred years in the future, when the Earth is blown apart by the President of the U.S.A. and then is recreated by the gods who watch over it. The QQQ are created to watch over the earth, but inevitibly, they cause chaos and destruction.

Within the QQQ, Yoru Kurosawa is what is known as a Twilight Mage, or a cross between a Light Mage and a Dark Mage. Wielding the powers of both, and some that are of niether, Yoru fights to keep the balance of Light and Darkness within the world, as well as within himself. Armed with "Moonshadow", the holy sword of his creation mother, Luna, and "Shi", a nightmarish katana, Yoru slays anything that opposes him, even gods such as Poseidon and Anubis, who fell to his power. Anubis has since then been resurrected, as Yoru found the death god was his creation father.

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