Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox

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Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox (also known as Yeu woo bi) is a 2006[1] animated Korean film. The film loosely draws upon the Korean folk tales of the kumiho. The movie was directed by Sung-gang Lee (aka Seong-gang Lee).


Teacher Kang takes his students to a school that sits at the base of a hill where Yobi lives, a five-tailed fox who can turn into any form. Kang and his students are there to train at a special center for honing their mental abilities. While the students test their courage at night, Yobi encounters the dream-catcher Hwang Geum-yee. Yobi develops an interest in Geum-yee, and decides to join the students to stay closer to him. Living like a human being is fun, until she comes across the fox hunter. Rescued by a mysterious shadow, Yobi now faces the inevitable – by taking Geum-yee's spirit that will make her a real human being.


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