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Art by Chuck Davies is one of the pieces of artwork in the guide.

The Yiffy Guide to Safer Sex is a two page black and white PDF file created to explain safe sex to furries, and contains sexually explicit art. It is free for distribution online or in print format. The pamphlet was distributed at several conventions in the late 1990s. [1]


The pamphlet contains two pages of information about performing safe sex using furries as visual and textual aids. The first page begins with the basics of STD's and describes how to reduce the risk. About a third of the guide is devoted to proper condom use, storage, and disposal. The pamphlet includes a few paragraphs about safer alternatives to penetrative sex and ends with a paragraph about mutual consent.

The guide uses several furry specific visual aids and various terms exclusive to the furry fandom, often anthropomorphizing human interactions. Characters are depicted across a variety of sexualities and fetishes including threesomes, lesbian cunninglingus, handjobs, and macro characters. The guide also anthropomorphizes human body parts liberally, including using paws to describe ligaments, muzzles to describe jaws, and tail holes to describe the anus.


The guide was written in 1996 by A M-M (Andrew Murphy-Mee), and contains artwork six pieces of by Chuck Davies (as Charles Davies), Brian Harp, Lance Rund, Ken Sample, [[Sean Thomas]], Sean Wilkinson and Wookiee.

All pieces of artwork are line-art heavy sexually explicit material, likely a conscious choice to make the file easy to distribute and appealing to the subject matter.


The pamphlet was distributed at several late 1990s conventions. About a couple of dozen pamphlets were often given free of charge with attendees asked to donate for printing costs. [2]

A parody pamphlet was also created, entitled Roadkill's guide to Sex at the con! .[3]

Noted inaccuracies[edit]

Despite the guide's best attempts to influence safe sex, several inaccuracies, misguided advice, and misinformation exist throughout the pamphlet. Notably, the comic focuses on HIV infection and groups STD's with them, leading to many false equivalencies. Some other examples include:

  • Misinformed info about the spread of STD's, which can be spread with any form of mutual contact of bodily fluids, even without cum. Medical gloves should be worn during mutual masturbation to prevent viruses and bacteria from getting in through cuts on the hands or broken skin.
  • Outdated information about lube, such as spermicidal Nonoxynol-9 which does NOT reduce the risk of HIV transmission.
  • Improper Condoms disposal, as the guide recommends flushing used condoms down a toilet, but this runs the risk of contact with seminal fluid pipe clogging.


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