The Yiffy Guide to Safer Sex

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Art by Chuck Davies is one of the pieces of artwork in the guide.

The Yiffy Guide to Safer Sex is a PDF file created to explain safe sex to furries, and contains sexually explicit art. It is free for distribution online or in print format, e.g. as a pamphlet at a convention.[1]


The guide was written in 1996 by A M-M (Andrew Murphy-Mee), and contains artwork by Chuck Davies (as Charles Davies), Brian Harp, Lance Rund, Ken Sample, Sean Thomas (which one?), Sean Wilkinson and Wookiee.

A parody pamphlet was also created, entitled Roadkill's guide to Sex at the con!.[2][3]

Noted inaccuracies[edit]

  • Nonoxynol-9 does NOT reduce the risk of HIV transmission.
  • Condoms should never be flushed down the toilet to avoid risk of contact with seminal fluid, and to avoid the risk of clogged pipes.
  • Medical gloves should be worn during mutual masturbation to prevent viruses and bacteria from getting in through cuts on the hands or broken skin.


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