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Yiffy Foxies was a Team Fortress Classic (TFC) server that started in approximately 1999 by Dingo and Rat. Later, administration was taken over by Rat. Yiffy Foxes closed in 2001.

There was also a Counter-Strike server as part of the cluster, which was quite popular and drew in a lot more furries than the TFC server did. There was little crossover between CS and TFC communities.

Yote, the fur that was on the MTV special, was a regular of the CS server.

After the CS server's closing there was a popular server called Furry East, which closed after DoS attacks. The users went to Kivuli's Tree, and some from there went to Counter-addiction. Their current location is unclear, but there is another furry CS server, under new ownership, that was previously run by Furry2Furry (http://furry-furry.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=8483).