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Yiff This!
Author(s) Owners: Fuzzy
  • Primary webmaster: Fuzzy

Second Life username = "Cresil Violet"

  • Secondary webmaster: Catsby

Second Life username = N/A

Status Inactive
Launch date 11 November 2009
End date 20th December 2010

Yiff This! was a website designed to debut post-produced m/m adult furry videos recorded within Second Life. The site was created by Fuzzy in 2009, as a reaction to his perception of the low quality of Second Life videos online.

In December 2010, Fuzzy announced, "I regret to inform,esp. new visitors, that this site will go down Dec 21st 2010 with no promise if/when it will return."

Cresil Violet[edit]

Cresil Violet editing.

Fuzzy communicated to site fans and visitors through the character Cresil The Wolf, who was created specifically to be the website's mascot/icon. Cresil is also featured in several videos.

Content & services[edit]

Fuzzy produced the videos for free. Videos were filmed and posted about a couple times a month with other volunteer furries. The selection method was mainly a guideline based email-in volunteering competition followed by private approval and blind-date style matching.

Filmed volunteers were placed in the Hall of Volunteers area of the website. In addition to the videos there are also Second Life images posted below them.

Yiff This! had an RSS feed as well as a Second Life group called Full-time Furverts that peaked about 500 members before being closed.


Fuzzy bought the domain years before turning it into a Second Life adult video site. According to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, the previous owners used it as a laid-back anti-furry'esque comedy article site. [1]


Fursona name species video appearances
Cresil Violet wolf Behind The Scenes: Naughties / Extras #1[2]
Cyrax Abbot cat - white with black markings Behind The Scenes: Naughties / Extras #1'[2]
Fuzzy Toxx (an avatar of Fuzzy) Crux - Light blue and dark blue Behind The Scenes: Naughties / Extras #1[2]
Kenneh Breen Tiger > White tiger? Behind The Scenes: Naughties / Extras #1 and Tiger x Kitty (webpage and tigerkitty vid say "Kenneh Breen", BTS vid just says "Kenneh".)[2]
Lumi Inada (cloud leopard version) Clouded Leopard Behind The Scenes: Naughties / Extras #1[2]
"anonymous fox" on webpage ("Arcticfox" in vid) Arctic Fox Behind The Scenes: Naughties / Extras #1[2]
apparently unnamed therion Therion (devildog species apparently by Rue*ZykloN?) Behind The Scenes: Naughties / Extras #1'[2]


Yiffthis was closed down on 20 December 2010. Cresil commented:

Yiff This!
I simply have to remove it from my life, it's for the best, the cost is the smallest reason and really not an issue - to those that offered free hosting. The time consumption is the biggest issue
Yiff This!

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