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Yiffsnark (previously Furry Horrors/VCL Horrors Wiki) was an offshoot of the VCL Horrors LiveJournal community. The last known incarnation included a forum and a gated wiki, the stated intention being to "make fun of furries and stupid shit" by creating articles about elements of the fandom which the authors considered humorous or disgusting, and talking about them on the forums. A previous incarnation of the site had unrestricted editing on the wiki, but was shut down by its administrator after a few months.


The site was initially launched as the VCL Horrors Wiki, the initial purpose being "to attempt to explain and document the unusual sexual fetishes that have popped up on VCL, as well as to speculate upon furry diseases and conditions".

On 25 October 2005, the wiki was renamed from "VCL Horrors" to "Furry Horrors" and the purposes were changed to the following:

  • To document various "horrific" aspects of the furry fandom
  • To document terms seen in the fandom or used in VCL_Horrors
  • To list and give information on well-known "horrific" artists

This change was partly due to complaints by VCL admin Ch'marr, but also a reflection of the fact that the site's reach had spread beyond the VCL.

As of January 2006, a new wiki was being formed in an apparent attempt to start again with different rules and a gated community. However, Yiffsnark went offline again in May 2006 due to hosting difficulties.

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